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The Gospel

The Gospel is the message of the whole Scripture.  God reveals the message of reconciliation from Creation to the Day of the Lord when finally there is an end to all evil and suffering and the dwelling place of God is with man. The Gospel begins with God who reveals his invisible attributes, particularly, his eternal power and divine nature, in and through his creation but especially in humanity who is made in his image.

But humanity has fallen under the righteous judgment of God by committing sin and he will by no means clear the guilty.

Central to the Gospel is the way God righteously forgives the guilty; He does this by providing a sacrifice that satisfies his just wrath against sin.  This sacrifice came in the form of the God-Man Jesus Christ. As prophets foretold, Jesus the Son of God lived the life we could not live and died the death that we deserved. Pleasing God in his death, God raised him up after three days, and grace can be applied to every believer who has faith in the Son and looks in the power of the Holy Spirit upon his life, death, and resurrection as their only hope in salvation.

This message is for anyone who would believe.  By seeing the truth with eyes of faith, believers will be united with God for eternity.  One day, God will put an end to all evil and will reign perfectly over his people whom he saved by his own plan which he established before the foundation of the world.